Band Members Disillusioned With Healing Lodge

Friday, June 30, 2006 at 12:57



Members of the Beardy’s/Okemasis First Nation feel the Willow Cree Healing Lodge located on their reserve is now a symbol of broken promises from the Correctional Service of Canada.


Chief Rick Gamble says the First Nation signed a land agreement with the CSC to build the healing lodge on the reserve, provided that several of their concerns would be met.


Gamble says more First Nations people to be hired into senior positions with the facility.


He says although the CSC contends to have two band members being trained in senior roles, the band is worried that the managers will have a “CSC mentality” and not the holistic approach they had hoped for.


Gamble says band elders believe First Nations people should fill the roles of warden and assistant warden at the facility.


He adds the elders feel let down by the broken promises and believe the land should be taken back from the CSC.


CSC and Willow Cree Healing Lodge officials have yet to comment.