Athabasca Leader Calls For Government Relief

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 13:07



An all-weather road network in the province is expected to help bring down the cost of living, but an Athabasca development official says area residents can’t wait that long for cost relief.


Glen Strong is pleased the provincial government essentially committed to building the long-awaited roads in its recent throne speech, but he says some aid is needed right now.


Strong notes that a four-litre jug of milk costs $15.80 in Fond du Lac, and residents shouldn’t have to wait for the construction of the roads before they see some relief — possibly in the form of government funding.


Strong says he’s already voiced his proposal to government officials, and he’s waiting for a response.


Meanwhile, the Dene vice chief for the Prince Albert Grand Council is just happy the project is going ahead.


Don Deranger says it seems provincial officials finally bought into the project when they looked at what it could do for the northern economy.