Aboriginal Party Enters Federal Election Campaign

Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 13:49



A political party aimed at Aboriginal people is trying to spread its wings in time for the October 14th federal election.


The First Peoples National Party fielded eight candidates in the 2006 vote, and has another five signed up this time around.


Party leader Barbara Wardlaw says a former Dene chief in the Northwest Territories is an extremely strong candidate with a real shot at winning the seat currently held by the NDP.


They also have another candidate, Rob Ballantyne, who intends to run in northern Saskatchewan.


Wardlaw says her party doesn’t subscribe to the political methods currently being used by the NDP, Liberals or Conservatives.


She says the ideology of constant criticism has kept Aboriginal voters from being interested in federal politics for too long.


Wardlaw says her party wants to tackle poverty, believing it’s an issue affecting children of all racial backgrounds.


She adds party members also believe good education is a right that shouldn’t just go to the rich.


The First Peoples National Party was founded in 2004.