Sask Highways Seeking to Spray Along Northern Road

Tuesday, July 08, 2003 at 15:12




A proposal to spray sections of brush along Highway 165 in northern Saskatchewan with the herbicide Garlon 4 has been submitted to Saskatchewan Environment for approval.


Asplundh Incorporated, on behalf of Saskatchewan Highways, has submitted the proposal with the hope of eliminating undesirable brush growing along selected highway right-of-ways.


Asplundh spokesman Brad Walter says the purpose of the spaying is to provide residents of Northern Saskatchewan with better visibility, while at the same time, maintaining road integrity, ensuring proper drainage, minimizing snow catch areas and providing a fire guard from roadways.


Walter admits that other wild plants such as wild strawberries will be killed if sprayed by Garlon 4, but insists the public shouldn’t be overly concerned about unknowingly consuming small amounts of the herbicide.


Walter also notes that certain areas have been designated as no-spray zones to prevent the loss of wild mushrooms and berries, which are often picked and harvested by locals.


A meeting will be held in La Ronge tonight at 7 o’clock at the Harbour Inn to answer any questions or concerns the public may have.