Premier to Hear About Waterhen Traditional Lands

Thursday, July 24, 2003 at 12:41




The chief of the Waterhen Lake First Nation says issues surrounding the band’s traditional territory will be front and centre when he meets with the premier today.


Chief Sid Fiddler sees today’s visit by the premier to Waterhen Lake as a golden opportunity to start discussions with the province on this topic.


Fiddler says the band wants to know how rights concerning its traditional territory will be protected when the MLTC self-government agreement kicks in.


Fiddler says the band wants some sort of resource benefit sharing with the province on that land.


Fiddler also wants the province to stop further development on Waterhen Lake traditional burial sites.


In addition, the band wants Cree names for places in its traditional territory to be listed right next to the English names.


As well, Fiddler would like band members to one day make up 50 per cent of the employees working for the Meadow Lake Provincial Park, as that too, is in Waterhen Lake traditional territory.