Formal complaint hasn’t been lodged: PA Police

Friday, June 27, 2003 at 13:30




A spokesman for the police department in Prince Albert says recent allegations of misconduct can’t be investigated because no formal complaint has been made.


Constable Kelly McLean points out that until someone actually steps forward to ask the department what went on the night of June 17th, nothing will be done.


A Prince Albert newspaper has published several versions of a story about a First Nations man who claims he was

punched, kicked and stepped on by police officers breaking up a house party.


McLean says independent investigators from out of town are on hand to examine possible cases of abuse, but they first need to know what the complaint is about.


Special investigators with the FSIN are aware of the situation and Vice Chief Lawrence Joseph says it will be handled as soon as possible.


Mclean says anyone with a concern is always invited to contact police as soon as possible, so they find out what happened.