Firebreak under construction north of PA Area

Friday, June 27, 2003 at 10:55




A firebreak in the Nordale district, on the outskirts of Prince Albert, is almost complete.


Bruce Walter, regional forester for Saskatchewan Environment, says the 270-hectare safeguard is in the final stages of being cleared and should be finished by



It was almost one year ago today that the Crutwell fire ripped through a forested area northwest of Prince Albert forcing the evacuation of multiple communities.


Walter says the new firebreak was already being

planned before the fire, but the recent blaze only serves as a reminder of how devastating forest fires can be.


He explains a lot of homes in the Nordale district are

located in a particularly combustible section of the West Boreal forest.


Walter says the trees coming down are around eighty years old or more and reforestation will occur over time.


Nordale is located just north of Prince Albert.