(Photo credit: City of Prince Albert Facebook)

The city of Prince Albert is in for a treat as Canada’s Got Talent winner Rebecca Strong will be performing at City Hall, kicking off National Indigenous Peoples Day events June 21.

National Indigenous Peoples Day (NIPD) is a significant occasion that commemorates and celebrates the diverse cultures, traditions, and contributions of Indigenous peoples across Canada. It is a time for gathering and sharing cultural celebrations. This important day provides an opportunity for Indigenous communities to showcase their rich customs, languages, arts, and traditions to the public.

Strong is using her voice and platform to bring awareness to the Prince Albert Grand Council’s Tiny Home Project for the homeless, and she will be accepting donations at the event on Friday morning.

This free performance by Strong will begin at 10:45 a.m., and then a Unity Walk will start at 11 a.m. The Unity Walk will go to Kinsmen Park.

NIPD serves as a reminder of the resilience, strength, and vibrancy of Indigenous cultures. Emphasizing the importance of unity and collaboration in building a more inclusive and diverse society. It is a time to come together, celebrate diversity, and honour the rich heritage of Indigenous communities.

In light of this special day, numerous events are taking place across the province. From traditional ceremonies and storytelling sessions to art exhibitions and cultural workshops, there will be a wide array of activities for people of all ages.

To help you locate events, informative posters have been compiled, sorted, and made available for easy viewing. The event posters are organized alphabetically by the community, to help find the events near you.

To see the listing of events, visit the link: NIPD Events-MBC.