Several leaders in the province gathered in Montreal, Lake Cree Nation, to form a partnership. 

Leaders in attendance included MLCN Chief Joyce Naytowhow-McLeod, MLCN Vice-Chief Dean Henderson, Prince Albert Grand Council, Grand Chief Brian Hardlotte, Premier Scott Moe, Prince Albert Mayor Greg Dionne, and Regional Director General for Indigenous Services Canada, Rob Harvey. 

Discussion topics included repairing the Little Red River Bridge, which was built in 1956, and Highway 696 going into MLCN which isn’t in good condition. Chief McLeod highlighted that MLCN has the funds to pay for some of the needed repairs but would like more support from the government. 

Another point discussed at the gathering was regarding Molonosa. MLCN signed to Treaty Six 135 years ago in Molonosa under Chief William Charles. For years, the band has been having cultural gatherings at Molonosa and considers the area traditional grounds. Molonosa is currently crown land, and MLCN hopes in the future to have a community there.

Chief McLeod and Mayor Dionne will also be having talks in the future regarding an urban partnership. 

“Partnerships and networking—for me, that’s important,” said Chief McLeod. “The reason we gave the star blankets is because star blankets are about connecting with others; they’re about sharing; they’re about networking, so that’s why we give the star blankets; there’s a meaning behind it.” 

MLCN also hopes to build a new school in the community and is trying to begin phase two of the development plans, which involve the design of the new school. 

“We’re pretty much done with the feasibility study; we have all our documentation for that; we’re just looking for more support,” said Vice-Chief Henderson. 

No official plans have been made as of now, but the gathering created new partnerships, and future discussions will be had in hopes of bringing these plans to life.