(Photo of Chance Gonzalez, supplied by the La Ronge Family Festival) 

The annual La Ronge Family Festival, previously known as the La Ronge Children’s Festival, is set to go on this year on Canada Day. 

The all-ages festival has been taking place for over ten years and has the goal of bringing the tri-communities together for a fun day of activities. 

“It just builds that sense of community and belonging and just enhances positive quality relationships amongst everyone, regardless of where you live, who you are, and what you do. It’s about having fun, talking to each other, and enjoying the sunshine (knock on wood for that), and I think it’s important for youth to just see that there are people willing to go out of their way to make a really special day,” explained Viviana Ruiz Arcand, who is a member of the festival’s volunteer organizing committee. 

The day will kick off with a pancake breakfast hosted by the Kikinahk Friendship Centre, followed by a Canada Day parade marshaled by La Ronge Regional Fire and Rescue Services. Following the parade, participants can head to Patterson Park. 

Activities and performances at the park include stage games, local talent, La Ronge Pow Wow Dance, Chance Gonzalez Magic, the Ishraq Dance Troupe, and the Bighetty & Bighetty Puppet Show, which brings characters to life with backstories that resonate with traditional and cultural Cree experiences. 

At the park, there will also be two bouncy castles, but Arcand says the committee has been struggling to find volunteers for the festival this year and without the extra help they may only be able to set up one of them.

“I would hate to see events, festivals, and community gatherings not being able to happen because there’s not enough volunteers. It’s not just the responsibility of one organization to make these happen; it takes many hands and partners, and sometimes when we don’t have that, things can’t happen,” said Arcand. 

To become a volunteer for the festival or learn more about the event schedule, visit the link below. 


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