A judge has rendered a decision on a matter of evidence at a high-profile impaired driving trial in Saskatoon.

Taylor Kennedy is accused of THC impaired driving causing the death of 9-year-old Baeleigh Maurice in September 2021.

The trial was in “voir-dire”, or a trial within a trial, over comments she made to police about using marijuana and mushrooms the day before the incident.

Her defense team had argued these statements were compelled statements and under law should not be allowed in the trial.

On Friday Morning, a Saskatoon courtroom was filled with family members and interested members of the public. The court needed to bring in more chairs as the public awaited the judge’s decision.

Taylor Kennedy was given leave by the court to monitor the day’s proceedings by phone.

Saskatchewan Justice Jane Wootten read out her lengthy decision where she reviewed all evidence and arguments presented during the voir dire.

She would rule that Kennedy’s statements did not fall under the legal pretense on compelled statements, therefore, the comments will be used in her trial.

The voir dire suspension of the trial, however, is not quite over yet. The defense still plans to argue possible Charter Rights violations in the matter.

The defense will present their arguments on that issue next week.