(Photo Credit: First Nations University of Canada)

First Nations University of Canada and the Mastercard Foundation have announced a partnership which will help enable leadership and advancement in Indigenous education for generations to come. 

Through the partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, FNU will become fully autonomous academically, legally, and financially. 

FNU plays a big role in delivering better learning outcomes for Indigenous students by incorporating Indigenous languages, cultures, values and approaches into the education system. 

The partnership will help the university expand the delivery of community-led programming across Saskatchewan and Canada, with full Indigenous control and independence at the university.  

“This historic agreement is an example of educational and economic reconciliation and responsibility in action,” says First Nations University of Canada President, Mizowaykomiguk paypomwayotung, Dr. Jacqueline Ottmann. “It is reflective of the strong and respectful relationship that First Nations University of Canada and the Mastercard Foundation have developed while building this partnership, which is focused on systemic, deep-seated change that supports Indigenous students and communities.” 

The partnership will focus on four key areas including transforming post-secondary education across Canada, achieving full autonomy for the university, leading economic reconciliation efforts, and developing new Indigenous programs in priority fields. 

Over the next five years, more than 1000 students will complete new programs and another 6000 will benefit from increased enrollment and enhanced access to internships, mentorships, and career opportunities. 

“We are committed to creating a strong educational foundation for the generations not yet born – seven generations into the future,” says Dr. Ottmann.