(Photo submitted by Zoey Roy)

A 5-week song writing project with award winning spoken word poet Zoey Roy is taking place in La Ronge and area in June.

Roy currently resides in Ontario while she studies for her PhD, but she calls northern Saskatchewan home. She is a Cree-Dene Michif spoken word poet, teaching artist and creative consultant.

Zoey Roy’s Medicine Song Project is helping communities across Canada create their songs. This is the start of a multi-year project that helps Roy do community work. The La Ronge project is in collaboration with the Multicultural Association of Saskatchewan, Zoey Roy and Lacey Eninew.

“It looks at the medicinal properties of people,” says Creative Consultant Zoey Roy.

The workshops take place in the Air Ronge Library weekly on Thursday at 6 p.m. and the last workshop is June 20.

Community members are invited to join the workshops in-person or virtually.

“We are creating place-based songs through this collective storytelling process where people come together and share their values and their hopes and dreams and pains,” explained Roy. “And then find the synergies in that, and the synchronicities in that, and create a song that they can get behind. It culminates into some sort of anthem of that place.”

The project aims to bring the community together to develop song writing skills and social justice advocacy. The final project will be an original song which highlights qualities found in the La Ronge area.

“Last week we had people from all different walks of life coming together, sharing what’s on their mind, and what’s going on in their life, and what they are passionate about, and then we had conversations about values, so now we have a brainstorming wall,” said Roy

A performance showcasing the La Ronge Medicine Song Project will be held in Marker 47 on June 27 at 6pm.

To learn more about Zoey Roy’s Medicine Song Project or to register visit the eventbright link.

(Photo Courtesy of Lacey Eninew Facebook)