SaskPower, Westinghouse, and Cameco will be working together on any possible nuclear reactors in the province.

The groups signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which was announced on Monday.

The MOU will look to evaluate some of Cameco’s recently acquired nuclear reactor technology through Westinghouse along with its uranium supply chain for any future Saskatchewan power needs.

SaskPower has said they will make a decision in the coming years on whether they will build the province’s first small modular reactor (SMR). These reactors are considerably smaller than traditional nuclear reactors and according to the federal government come with enhanced safety features.

While SaskPower determines whether they will build an SMR, the utility has signed the agreement with Cameco and Westinghouse to explore technologies and uranium supply chains for the possible SMR or any other nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan.

“Leveraging knowledge from organizations that have significant expertise in the nuclear industry is critical to ensure we make responsible, informed decisions around our power future,” said Rupen Pandya, President and CEO of SaskPower, in a media release on the MOU.

“We look forward to assessing the potential role Cameco and Westinghouse could play in decarbonizing Saskatchewan’s power grid, an ambitious and important goal for the province’s future,” added Tim Gitzel, President and CEO of Cameco.

SaskPower says they intend to only use Saskatchewan uranium in any reactor constructed in the province.

PHOTO – Cameco’s Key Lake uranium mill.  File Photo.)