Saskatoon police will begin a month-long search of the city’s landfill on Wednesday for evidence of the disappearance of Mackenzie Trottier.

Trottier was 22 years old when she went missing in December 2020.

Since that time, investigators say they have pursued several leads, released video surveillance, and maintained public awareness in efforts to locate Mackenzie alongside the Trottier family.

Earlier this month, police announced the landfill search as they say there may be evidence related to the case at a specific section of the landfill.

The area police have been led to search is about 930 cubic metres in size and one metre deep.

The search will include help from Calgary police, the RCMP, and specialized dogs.

MN-S provides statement

On Wednesday morning, the Metis Nation-Saskatchewan Vice-President Michelle LeClair provided a statement in regards to the landfill search.

The statement says the MN-S is committed to working with all those affected by this search.

“”While a search of thje landfill is deeeply disturbing, MN-S is encouraged that the case has not been forgotten, as is often the situation with our missing and murdered Indigenous peoples,” the statement from LeClair read.

LeClair also says she hopes the search will bring justice for Mackenzie and uncover the truth about what happened.