At least one tenant on the Kahkewistahaw First Nation is being evicted from their home, and other homes could be targeted, if house parties don’t stop.

Chief Evan Taypotat said a council motion was passed Tuesday to evict one tenant due to excessive partying.

“The tenant had been hosting parties over the last five days. As people had received the First Nations Contaminated Water settlement, it allowed them to have an overabundance of money. They bought alcohol and had violent parties where people got beat up, broke doors, and were arrested. Simply put, it was chaos,” the Chief explained in a Facebook post today. “I personally draw the line when a school bus full of kids drives by and sees fights in the front yard, like they did yesterday.”

Five other homes have been identified for excessive partying and will be receiving a warning letter today.

“We did not put our name forth for Chief & Council to evict our relatives. We did, however, put our names forth to progress KFN. This house eviction is a step forward,” said Taypotat. “Moving forward, we likely have a per capita distribution payment (cows and ploughs) coming in the next approximately 12 months. I am challenging our community members to help their own families. If you have someone battling drug or alcohol addiction, please get them help. There are so many more positive ways to spend money than on booze, drugs and fighting.”

Taypotat explained there are approximately 50 people on the wait list, who would gladly accept and respect a housing unit. “We can build a healthy community together; it is up to each and every one of us. I am optimistic, and I know we can win this fight to have healthy and safe homelands. Today is a new day, let’s be better.”