(Photo credit: Joan Strong)

A homecoming celebration will be held in Prince Albert on Monday to welcome back Canada’s Got Talent winner, Rebecca Strong. 

The 20-year-old singer from Black Lake Denesuline First Nation blew the judges away with her first performance, earning the golden buzzer from Lilly Singh and $25,000. 

“Watching Rebecca perform on such a grand stage and achieve such success has been a dream come true for our family. We’ve always had faith in her abilities, and seeing her recognized like this is truly joyous. We are deeply grateful to everyone who has supported her,” said Joan Strong, Rebecca’s mother. 

During the finale on Tuesday, she made it all the way to the top, beating out seven other contestants for the million-dollar prize. 

Prince Albert Grand Council, Grand Chief, Brian Hardlotte, said, “Rebecca Strong’s victory is not just a personal win; it’s an inspiration for all young Canadians. Her success shows that with dedication and talent, dreams are achievable. We’re excited to see Rebecca as a role model, urging youth across Canada, especially in northern Saskatchewan, to chase their dreams.” 

PAGC is hosting the celebration at the PA Exhibition Grounds on May 20 at 3 p.m.