The government of Saskatchewan has announced that nearly 1542 hectares of Crown mineral rights will be transferred to Cowessess First Nation. 

The transfer is being done under the Cowessess Treaty Land Entitlement Settlement Agreement. 

The transfer is part of the province’s commitment to TLE settlement agreements, aimed at making sure that First Nation communities receive the land promised to them under historical Treaties. Under the Natural Resources Transfer Agreement, 1930, Saskatchewan has a constitutional obligation to assist the federal government with this promise. 

“Transferring mineral rights to Cowessess First Nation marks another milestone in Saskatchewan’s commitment to Treaty duties and economic reconciliation,” Minister Responsible for First Nations, Métis Relations and Northern Affairs Don McMorris said. “Saskatchewan is blessed with resources and these agreements ensure that all communities are benefitting from our province’s growth.” 

The TLE agreements provide First Nations with entitlement monies to purchase land anywhere in the province on a “willing buyer-willing seller” basis and add it to their reserves. 

Since 1992, the provincial and federal governments have committed $687 million for TLE settlements in Saskatchewan. Approximately 888,806 acres have been transferred, with 1.48 million acres outstanding.