Poundmaker First Nations Security Team is hosting a two-day career fair next week with the hope to introduce more First Nations people to a career as a first responder.

Some of the jobs that people can apply for at the career fair include EMS, Police Officer, Firefighter, Military, Correctional Officer, Community Safety Officer or Dispatcher.

There will be approximately 20 booths at the career fair with members of the Blood Tribe Police Service and Nishnawbe Aski Police Service answering questions and taking applications from people.

As of 2020, there are 22 self-administered First Nations police services in Canada and Poundmaker First Nation is working on getting their own police service in the future. Poundmaker hopes to get more First Nation’s people in Saskatchewan trained as first responders so that in the future they can come back and work closer to home when Poundmaker gets their own service.

“Policing in general is so short-handed, nobody wants police anymore, and First Nations especially are so under-represented in those careers so that was my goal is I’m hoping we get a lot of First Nations people from Saskatchewan to attend this career fair,” said Aaron Thomas Director of Public Safety with Poundmaker First Nation. 

People looking to apply for any jobs at the career fair don’t need any prior training but there are a few requirements. If you plan to apply and have a criminal record you must get a pardon, applicants must have their Grade 12 education, drivers license and be an upstanding citizen.

“There’s so many First Nations people that are very talented, but they just don’t know how to navigate going into policing or any of those careers, so this is a great opportunity for them to ask questions and see what the application process is like,” explained Thomas.

The First Responders Career Fair will be taking place next week on the 15 and 16 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Western development Museum in North Battleford.