The Lac La Ronge Indian Band is hosting a Traditional Knowledge Keepers Gathering in Prince Albert with the theme, “Working Together for Child & Family.”  

The theme is centered around Bill C-92, which was introduced in 2019. 

Bill C-92 gives First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities the ability to develop their own policies and laws surrounding child and family services.  

LLRIB currently has a tripartite agreement with the provincial and federal governments and follows the provincial child and family services legislation.  

Right now, the band is in the process of developing their own child and family services legislation and is seeking input from elders, knowledge keepers, and members.  

There are around 65 people in attendance at the gathering, giving their input regarding the legislation.  

“It has been so amazing to see the input and the sharing, and then there’s also history shared about the impact of the residential school system and that intergenerational impact that we continue to feel in our communities, and some of our elders shared their experience at the residential school and what they went through,” explained Chief of LLRIB, Tammy Cook-Searson. 

The government introduced Bill C-92 to recognize that Indigenous communities are not one size fits all when it comes to child and family services, and LLRIB plans to hold gatherings in all six of their communities to discuss the legislation. 

“This is one step of the process; we will still be going out there, continuing to engage with community members in each of our six communities to gain input and information from members,” said Cook-Searson.  

The three-day gathering wraps up tomorrow at the Days Inn & Conference Centre in Prince Albert.