Today, SaskTel announced the addition of 5G on 30 cell sites serving rural communities and highway corridors across the province. Since the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses and families connect with each other through the internet. 5G technology allows First Nation, rural, and northern communities better access to connectivity with a bigger network capacity.

“Our government recognizes that rural Saskatchewan has always been the backbone of our province, in order for rural residents and businesses to continue to grow and prosper they need access to the same cutting-edge technologies that many of us who live in urban centres take for granted,” said Prince Albert Northcote MLA, Alana Ross.

SaskTel launched its 5G network in 2021, and now offers 5G coverage to nearly 460 sites in Saskatchewan’s major cities, medium and smaller communities, rural and resort areas, major highways, and First Nations communities.

“Although 5G is still very much in its infancy it’s clear that this new technology has immense potential to transform the way Saskatchewan people and businesses interact with the world. From smart farms to local water management and public safety, there are many ways 5G will help drive development and prosperity throughout Saskatchewan,” explained Jeff McKeand, Director of Customer Service and Operations for SaskTel in Prince Albert.

SaskTel has plans to invest over $650 million to upgrade its entire wireless network to 5G technology, which would include better connectivity to the remaining rural, northern and First nations communities without 5G.

(Photo by Jenna Smith.)