The Northern Lights Casino is getting ready to host a major event this weekend.

The casino will be putting on their 21st Annual Feast and Round Dance this coming Saturday. Angela Isbister the acting general manager of the Northern Lights Casino told MBC Radio News this year’s event has a specific theme.

“Our theme this year is Honouring our Women and we’re celebrating International Women’s Day which is on the eighth,” she said.

The event is set to go at Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC) Urban Services, which is the former Margo Fournier Centre. The festivities will be kicking off with a traditional feast at 4 p.m.

“We share our traditional foods, soups, berries, bannock things like that, that’s usually the menu that we have,” said Isbister.

After the feast Elders will be saying prayers before the round dance starts. Isbister said the event is an important one for the casino as it brings a lot of people out to take part.

“It brings people together, it brings people in the community together so we can heal, honour and celebrate,” she said.

Isbister added this March is also an important month for the Northern Lights Casino as they will be marking 28 years of being in business.

In past years the round dance and feast has drawn people from outside the local area. Isbister said the master of ceremonies for this year’s event is one of the people who will be making a trip to attend and take part.

“Our MC is coming down from Carry the Kettle, he’ll be with us and then there’s people from all over, I know he (MC) usually brings people with him as well,” she said.

The round dance and feast is organized by a committee which consists of casino staff and five Elders. Isbister said the committee works to plan the event while taking guidance from the Elders on the committee.

“We have an amazing committee,” she said.

(Top Photo: Prince Albert Grand Council Urban Services. Photo by Michael Joel-Hansen.)