Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of Aaron Gamble’s death and it was honoured with a Justice Walk.

The 54-year-old Gamble was found dead behind an ally in the 300 Block of 17th Street West in Saskatoon on March 24, 2023. Saskatoon Police later released surveillance footage of three people in the ally where Gamble was found.

Police have described Gamble’s death suspicious saying foul play may have been involved, leaving Gamble’s family with multiple questions on what happened to him.

Yesterday over 100 people joined together to raise awareness on Gamble’s death as nobody has yet to come forward to police.

“I was kind of giving up that something was going to come forward or someone was going to try and help but I can’t see it like that. I do know investigations take long and I do have hope, I really think somebody will come forward with that important information,” said Gamble’s sister Emilia Greyeyes.

Gamble was from Beardy’s and Okemasis Cree Nation where the Justice Walk took place starting at the veteran’s hall. Greyeyes said she was very pleased with the turnout of the walk and appreciated everyone who showed up saying some families of other missing and murdered Indigenous People were in attendance.

“Maybe somebody will come forward now, maybe somebody has kept this secret too long and it’s bothering them, maybe they can call in that tip that will break the case wide open, it’s the waiting the one year of waiting,” explained Greyeyes.

The investigation into the death of Aaron Gamble is ongoing and anyone with information regarding his death is asked to contact Saskatoon Police or Crimestoppers.