A second-round of rotating teachers strikes will take place Wednesday in Northern Saskatchewan. The Creighton School Division and the Northern Lights School Division will be without classes on Feb 7, as the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation gave its 48-hour strike notice.

“Government thinks they can wait us out, but they have failed to account for the most important factors. Teachers are fed up and are united. There is strong and growing support for the action we’re taking because students, parents, businesses and communities know we all deserve better,” says Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation President Samantha Becotte. “Solving the crisis in our publicly funded schools doesn’t only give today’s students what they need, it benefits all of us. Saskatchewan’s economy is strong and today’s students are the workforce of tomorrow. Employers want to be able to hire talented and educated employees from within the province.”

The strike action includes Distance Learning Centers in impacted school divisions, including the Far North campus in La Ronge. Classes in the Prairie Spirit School Division and in Saskatoon will be shuttered as well.

(Photo of Teachers striking in La Ronge. By David Smith.)