The Prince Albert Indian Metis Friendship Centre is holding their annual women’s gathering starting today. The gathering features an Indigenous vendor showcase, multiple empowering speakers and more.

The theme of the gathering this year is “Connecting our Sacredness”.

Connecting our Sacredness comes in as a spiritual element as I am a traditional healer in my home reserve in Wahpeton Dakota Nation,” said Jennifer Sanderson, Indigenous Women’s Wellness Coordinator at the Friendship Centre. “It comes down to what is the element of our spirit and how do we connect to that, and as women our teachings, we are all sacred and so I was guided and given through prayer the opportunity to bring this forward as Connecting our Sacredness.”

The overall goal of the gathering this year is to bring kinship into nations and elevate through the work of sharing stories. Some of the speakers at the gathering this year are Dr. Sharon Acoose, Betty Ann Adam, Donna Gamble and more. There will also be a musical performance by the Bearhead Sisters, and an evening gala tomorrow featuring Terri Anne Strongarm.

This year the Friendship Centre was hoping to host for 300 participants but due to limited funding the maximum number of attendees is set at 200. Registration for the gathering maxed out quickly after announcing the event, but there are hopes to have a bigger gathering in the future.

“Unfortunately we have to go along a budget, if there was no budget I’d have 1000 people here if I could but we have a vendor showcase that’s going on and that’s open to the public and it’s in the main foyer here at the Art Hauser, and we are very excited to get that support for our artisans, for our beaders, for our ribbon skirt makers,” explained Sanderson.


The gathering will go on for the next three days, the vendor showcase which is available to the public will be open today from 10:00am-4:00pm and tomorrow 10:00am-3:00pm.