Saskatchewan-based Trilight Entertainment along with Barbershop Films have begun working on two feature films in Waskesiu.

Gifts of Christmas and Escape the Lodge are expected to result in $1.4 million in positive economic impacts to the province. The films are made possible with the support of Creative Saskatchewan and financing from Executive Producer Daniel Ford Beavis along with Trilight and Barbershop.

“As the province’s burgeoning film industry gains momentum, the Government of Saskatchewan is proud to continue contributing to its growth,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Laura Ross said in a media release. “This marks yet another milestone for Saskatchewan’s film sector while also highlighting the richness and diversity of Saskatchewan’s cinematic potential.”

Gifts of Christmas focuses on a confident and hardworking proprietor who faces financial struggles and the potential sale of her family’s legacy. When a guest with a shared history and a forensic accountant arrives at the resort, they uncover fraudulent activities and work together to save the property. As they navigate challenges and rediscover their connection, they experience the true meaning of the holiday season.

Escape the Lodge is set to look like the remote mountains of Colorado as Lee Hughes readies the resort he oversees in the off-season for the arrival of his estranged daughter, Megan. Upon arrival, Megan and her girlfriend discover men from her father’s past have tracked Lee down in search of cash he made off with after a heist years prior. With Lee dead, Megan and Lane’s badly timed weekend throw them into a cat and mouse chase in an empty lodge and miles from help.

“Creative Saskatchewan is committed to fostering economic growth in Saskatchewan.” says CEO of Creative Saskatchewan, Erin Dean in a media release. “These productions contribute to the local economy and result in job creation and increased tourism.”

As of now there aren’t set dates for when the films will be released but cameras are rolling in Waskesiu.