People from across Saskatchewan and even other provinces made the trek to take part in the second annual Stanley Mission Fishing Derby on Saturday. The four-hour derby featured cash prizes, a canteen for food, 50/50 draws every hour, an ice auger and ice fishing tent draw.  

Just before 12:00 p.m. 440 people gathered around the marked derby zone in Peter Ross Bay waiting to rush onto the ice to secure the lucky fishing hole. At 11:50 a.m. on the dot, Elders were allowed to head out on the ice early to pick their holes. The first fish of the day was reeled out at 12:03, winning the angler a $200 cash prize.  

“My favourite part is getting to see everybody,” said STM Recreation Director Gordon McKenzie. “Just to get out and say hi to everybody once again, it means a lot,”  

As the 4-hour derby went on, 50/50 ticket sellers made their rounds on the ice selling tickets for the top of the hour draws which all saw the pot get over $2000. Anglers could take a break and head to the canteen for chili, bannock, burgers and other snacks and drinks throughout the derby. 

When competitors registered for the derby, they were given a blue ticket which gave them multiple chances to win hoodies, thermoses, hands for the upcoming STM Poker Rally and more every hour.  

When the clock hit 4:00 p.m. all lines came out of the water and the weighing station was closed. Everyone gathered around to see who the winners were at the MC table. MC, STM Councillor Jimmy Charles named off the winners from 10th place all the way up to first.  

Here is a list of the winners:  

10th – Ida Roberts – 1.53 lb Pike, $500 

9th – Edward J. Roberts – 1.54 lb Pike, $500 

8th – Tracey Cook-McKenzie – 1.58 lb Pike, $500 

7th – Philip P. Roberts – 1.60 lb Pike, $500 

6th – Clarence Ballantyne – 1.62 lb Pike, $1,000 

5th – Walter McLeod – 1.64 lb Pike, $2,500 

4th – Nigel McLeod – 1.83 lb Pike, $3,000 

3rd – Ida Roberts – 1.98 lb Pike, $5,000 

2nd – Mike Bononie – 1.98 lb Pike, $7,500 

1st– Kris Galloway – 2.52 lb Pike, $15,000 

“This was my second time attending the Stanley Mission four-hour derby with my family. We love spending time up in Stanley, great people and beautiful scenery,” said Kris Galloway. “We just purchased a used truck last Monday so the money will go towards paying for our new used truck.”

The derby had a side bet included with registration that could win competitors $1,500 for heaviest perch, $1000 for second heaviest and $500 for third heaviest. No perch were caught throughout the derby, so the fish derby committee decided to divide those prizes into six $500 random draws at the end.  

“Great day seeing everyone come out across the province. Thank you to the ice drilling team, the River Hawks that came to help get set up, the 50/50 sellers for their hard work, the registration & weigh station crew for their great work. These events are not possible without the right crew, so thank you all,” said McKenzie.  

Stanley Mission Sports, Culture & Recreation is also putting on one of their biggest events next weekend, which is the 2024 STM Poker Rally with all prizes guaranteed and the top prize being $25,000. For info on the upcoming Poker Rally visit the Stanley Mission Sports, Culture & Recreation Facebook page.

(Photo by Jenna Smith.)