The Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies has received a funding boost from the province on Wednesday.

The government announced $850,000 in additional funding for SIIT to add 25 seats to its Mental Health and Wellness Diploma program in Saskatoon.

“SIIT’s Mental Health and Wellness Diploma program allows students to develop professionally while enhancing one’s sense of self,” said SIIT Academic Vice President Tavia Laliberte in a news release. “Our graduates are ready to facilitate the process of healing with individuals and communities, bringing both Indigenous and Western-based holistic approaches to the practice of counselling. We are excited for more people to have the opportunity to enter this critical field.”

The additional 25 seats will bring the total capacity of the program to 175 students for the 2023-34 academic year.

The government says the funding is a part of its commitment to grow Saskatchewan to 1.4 million people and create 100,000 new jobs by the year 2030.