(Photo of Doug Cuthand.)

A new television series focusing on northern, Indigenous search and rescue incidents is looking for story ideas.

“Searchers” is a real-life search and rescue show inspired by famed tracker Tom Charles.

The producers, filmmaker and journalist Doug Cuthand and Tyler Smart are looking to conduct interviews with survivors, family members or those who participated in search and rescue efforts.

Re-enactments of events aim to help educate viewers of what to do and not do when lost.

“It’s difficult to get some of the people to talk,” said Cuthand. “Sometimes people get lost and they’re embarrassed by the fact that they got lost. They don’t need to be. Or they are not used to being on TV.”

The show has already completed five episodes, with Cuthand and Smart wanting to produce eight more this season.

Some episodes will focus on successful search and rescues, while others will portray tragedy. Cuthand cautions that unrecovered stories are traumatic, as they do not convey completion. He said these stories are more difficult to tell and would prefer a historical event.

The concept is not only to educate, but highlight local heroes.

“It’s heart warming for people to find their loved ones. These are stories of ordinary people. They are not the big kind of heroes you see on TV, but these are everyday heroes,” Cuthand explained.

Smart and Cuthand have partnered with APTN on the show.

A finders-fee of $200 is being offered for show ideas. Filming is expected to begin in February and March for winter scenes, with additional filming to take place in the summer. Story ideas can be submitted at searchstv@angelentertainmnt.ca.