Rachel Smith and her business Bannock Express were featured on an episode of CBC’s Dragons’ Den on Thursday night.

Smith was seeking $80,000 for 18% of her business with hopes an investment could help her mass produce her bannock mix.

During her pitch, Dragon Wes Hall helped Smith prepare a batch of bannock, which received positive reviews from all the dragons. However, only two dragons would make smith an offer.

Vincenzo Guzzo made Smith an offer of $80,000 for 50% of the Bannock Express business and Arlene Dickenson made Smith an offer of $80,000 for 20% of the business, with an expectation Smith complete a 5-month food expedition course.

Smith would accept Dickenson’s offer.

“My kids are going to be so happy,” said the mother of 9 while speaking at the conclusion of her segment on the show. “I love Arlene and I got the dragon that I wanted, so I am so excited.”

(Photos provided by Rachel Smith.)