(Photo of Christian Head.)

WARNING: Distressing content.

The sister of one of the murdered victims in the James Smith Cree Nation and Village of Weldon said she often thinks about the family members who were killed.

Barbra Marion decided to attend the public inquest into the 11 deaths on Sept. 4, 2022, currently taking place in Melfort to obtain some closure.

Marion admits she was hesitant to come hear evidence regarding her brother Christian Head and his wife Lana Head.

“I don’t know if to be at peace, not to be a peace, but to find some kind of closure. Why he did that to him,” she said referring to alleged killer Myles Sanderson. “I wasn’t going to come, but I decided to come for my own peace.”


(Picture of Lana Head)

Marion explained she received a call on Sept. 4, stating that Christian had been stabbed. However, not knowing his condition, she rushed to his house, only a few doors down.

When she got there, she discovered Christian unresponsive. She later discovered Lana in another room in the same condition.

“Anxiety and depression. I barricade my doors at night, that’s what goes through my mind is that somebody is going to come. That goes through people’s minds on the reserve,” she said.

Chief Coroner Clive Weighill said highly anticipated testimony will come from RCMP officers, the coroner’s service, which will detail the causes of death for each victim and the Parole Board of Canada. Yet he reminded the public that the inquest is not a trial, but will be an opportunity to understand the full facts and evidence of the tragic events 16-months ago.

(With files from Michael Joel-Hanson.)

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