A date for the Coroner’s Inquest looking in to the mass stabbings on James Smith Cree Nation and in the Village of Weldon is now set.

The inquest is set to run from Jan. 15 to 24 at the Kerry Vicker Centre in Melfort. The inquest will be looking at the deaths of 11 people in the mass stabbing on the First Nation and in the village in Sept. of 2022.

The inquest will be presided over by Coroner Blaine R. Beaven.

A Coroner’s Inquest aims to establish the facts of what happened in regards to a specific incident, specifically who died and under what circumstances. At the end of the inquest the Coroner’s jury may make recommendations with the aim of preventing similar deaths in the future.

A separate inquest will be looking at the death of suspect Myles Sanderson in police custody. That inquest is set to go in Feb. of 2024 in Saskatoon.

(Top Photo: A candle light vigil in Prince Albert to commemorate the victims of the mass stabbings. Photo by Michael Joel-Hansen.)