(Screenshot of Cindy Woodhouse taking her Oath of Office. CPAC)

Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Vice Chief David Pratt has conceded to Cindy Woodhouse of Manitoba for National Chief of the Assembly of First Nation.

Pratt trailed Woodhouse through six-rounds of voting Wednesday, which lasted until nearly midnight. Pratt and Woodhouse were stalemated through rounds four to six, with Woodhouse maintaining approximately 50 percent of the vote. A winner would be declared after securing 60 percent of the vote of registered Chiefs and proxies.

As the Assembly was about to begin a seventh round of voting Thursday morning, it was delayed by 45 minutes. Shortly after that announcement, Woodhouse, Pratt and AFN interim Chief Joanna Bernard entered the convention hall holding hands, appearing united.

Some delegates in attendance expressed frustration with the election process, suggesting continued voting would delay the work of the Assembly.

“The decision to concede is never an easy decision. I know a lot of Chief’s wanted me to keep going and pushing the fight. But, I knew it wasn’t doing our convention any good prolonging it,” Pratt said.

(Screenshot of David Pratt conceding to Cindy Woodhouse. CPAC)

Woodhouse takes the helm of an AFN organization fractured, following the controversial dismissal of former National Chief RoseAnne Archibald.

Yet Pratt urged unity among Chiefs under Woodhouse’s leadership.

“We leave here united, we leave here behind our National Chief,” explained Pratt to a loud applause from delegates.

Woodhouse took the oath of office to officially begin her three-year term as National Chief, pledging to work for the Chief’s in addressing the many challenges facing First Nations.

She urged Ottawa to work with the AFN in a good way, warning the federal government, “Canada we’re coming for you,” if the relationship is diminished.