Today was the first day of the Metis Nation-Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly which is happening this weekend at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon.

Two Memorandums of Understanding signed by MN-S president Glen McCallum and Premier Scott Moe today. The first MOU was signed between MN-S and the Saskatchewan Firearms Office. This MOU is focused on increasing the number of firearms licenses that are provided using the MN-S citizenship registry and promoting firearm safety and education.

“The education around safe and proper storage and use of firearms is very important whether your Metis or non-Indigenous in this province, the opportunity we have to work together on safe firearms training in this province I think needs to happen,” said Moe.

The second MOU was between the Saskatchewan Public Service Commission and MN-S. This MOU is centered around expanding and enhancing the Metis presence in the provincial government.

“It’s our job as leaders of the provincial Metis Council and this assembly, it’s our obligation to our citizens to be able to engage with the government,” explained McCallum. “It’s our job to connect, its our job to plan, and its our job to deliver and we have, and we will continue to do so.”

Metis National Council president Cassidy Caron also attended the assembly and spoke on the next steps towards Metis self-government.

“We look forward to the full passing of bill C-53 as our next step for the Metis Nation, and now we’re here at your fall MNLA and this is Metis self-government in action, this is one of those prime examples that Metis self-government is not new,” Caron said.

The Fall MNLA will resume tomorrow with multiple panel discussions, the full livestream of the MNLA is also available on the MN-S website. About – MNLA | Métis Nation Saskatchewan (

(Photo of MOU signing. Premier Scott Moe left, MN-S President Glen McCallum right. By Jenna Smith/MBC Radio.)