The Ministry of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety is providing $3.04 million to the City of Prince Albert through the Municipal Police Grants program, which will support 23 existing police service positions in the community.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance is also providing $540,000 for three positions as part of the Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan initiative.

“Our community is not like any other cities around the province,” Prince Albert Mayor Greg Dionne said. “We are facing addictions, homelessness, weapons and property-related crimes. Municipal Police Grants support a more focused approach to crime trends and targeted enforcement initiatives aimed at proactively addressing illegal activity in our community.”

The funding supports the delivery of targeted policing initiatives in Prince Albert, such as the Police and Crisis Team, which teams police officers with mental health workers to provide a collaborative response to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis in the community.

“Provincial funding, in partnership with the Ministry of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety, isn’t just monetary assistance – it’s a critical resource that fuels our initiatives,” Prince Albert Police Chief Patrick Nogier said. “This funding is vital for us to navigate the challenging landscape of high crime severity while adapting to a transient criminal element that constantly tests the dynamics of local public safety. Together, we’re building a safer, more secure Prince Albert.”

The grant also supports the continuation of the Crime Reduction Team, which gathers intelligence on street gangs and gang associates; the Saskatchewan Trafficking Response Team, which investigates drugs, illegal weapons, and human trafficking; and the Internet Child Exploitation program, which is dedicated to the investigation of online child exploitation.

The total amount for the Prince Albert Police Service Funding Agreement is $3.58 million for 26 police positions in 2023-24.