One of the candidates for National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is talking about what he plans to do if elected.

Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) Vice Chief David Pratt released his 90 day entry plan Tuesday. The plan lays out a number of promises which Pratt is planning to implement if elected.

Pratt’s campaign said the plan emphasizes the crossroads which the national organization currently finds itself and pledges to restore AFN’s original purpose serving as a national advocacy body for chiefs.

Among the promises are rebuilding trust, which includes a pledge to foster a safe working environment that encourages open dialogue. The plan as well is pledging to rebuild trust with the AFN’s executive team.

Another pillar of the plan is restoring unity, which includes a pledge from Pratt to repair the relationship between the Secretariat and the National Chief’s Office. Pratt is also promising to implement a zero tolerance policy in regards to workplace harassment and to address the recommendations from the AFN Resolution 13 Panel Final Report. This pillar as well includes a pledge to deal with gender disparity issues and ensure gender equity across chief’s committees.

The plan as well includes promises to empower chiefs. Specifically, Pratt is promising to establish a Clerk of the AFN Assembly and to monitor the work of chief’s committees. He is also promising to improve communication with chiefs.

Another part of the plan involves pledges to rebuild relationships, which promises to rebuild the AFN’s relationship with the federal government by engaging in high level diplomatic efforts. This would include having meetings with federal officials. As part of this overall pledge, Pratt is promising to develop a strategic communication plan to better convey the AFN’s priorities.

The final pillar of the plan includes promises to reinforce good governance. Pratt is promising to guide the AFN through an analysis of allegations of financial impropriety and undertake an independent assessment of internal processes.

The next AFN National Chief is set to be elected at a special assembly in December.

(PHOTO – FSIN Vice-Chief David Pratt announces his intention to seek election as AFN National Chief.  Photo by Joel Willick.)