The Government of Saskatchewan and Canada announced today that $23.5 million dollars will be put towards the creation of 2,349 new regulated child care spaces across the province.

Funding for the spaces has been allocated to 51 organizations in 41 communities which they will use to either build new facilities or add to existing ones.

Metis Nation-Saskatchewan hosted the announcement as its government is being given funding for child care centres through the provincial and federal agreement.

“Providing a culturally safe space for Métis children in their early learning years is key. We know from various studies and our history that children who are raised with their identity, culture, language, and values have a stronger chance of thriving.” MN–S President Glen McCallum said. “We are pleased to work with the Province of Saskatchewan and the Government of Canada to identify and collaborate on those spaces.”

MN-S is in the process of getting land in Saskatoon and Regina for 90-space child care centres.

The additional spaces are a part of the shared goal of the Governments of Saskatchewan and Canada to create 28,000 new child care centre spaces in the province. There have been 5,751 new child care centre spaces allocated since signing the Canada-Saskatchewan Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement in August 2021.