Margaret Rose McIntyre and Ron Ratte are the new Elders-in-Residence at Northlands College and will play a big role in enriching Indigenous culture at the college and fostering deeper connections with Indigenous communities.

McIntyre is deeply rooted in her Indigenous heritage. Raised along the Churchill River in the small northern settlement of Dipper Lake, she is a proud member of the English River First Nation at Patuanak, Saskatchewan. She grew up with strong Denesuline’ values, and she is fluent in her language, which she considers essential to preserve. McIntyre has developed connections and relationships with the land and culture.

Ratte, a member of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band, joins Northlands College with a wealth of experience. He previously served as the Manager and Director of Indigenous Initiatives at the college, gaining extensive knowledge and fostering relationships within the fields of justice, policing, and mental health.

“Our Elders were selected by a competitive process we invited members of communities from across northern Saskatchewan to put their names forward,” said President and CEO of Northlands College Karsten Henriksen.

McIntyre and Ratte will not just provide guidance and teaching to learnings but also to the faculty and staff at Northlands College, they will also be providing services across northern Saskatchewan.

“Both of them bring tremendous experience in the community and traditional teachings to us and also that strong connection to language which is so important here in northern Saskatchewan,” explained Henriksen.

Both Elders have unique skill sets that will bring wisdom, guidance, and inspiration to the College.

Northlands College will also be opening their third Cultural Centre in Creighton on November 9.