MN-S President said he will focus on Saskatchewan as Metis self-governance bill moves forward

Bill C-53, an act aiming to recognize Metis governments in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan is currently moving through Parliament.

The Bill has been the subject of several parliamentary hearings throughout November.

A concern that arose from the hearings was from First Nations Chiefs in Ontario who raised issues they had about the Metis Nation-Ontario’s citizenship registry.

MBC Radio News spoke with Metis Nation-Saskatchewan President Glen McCallum about the legislation as it moves forward.

McCallum says he will focus on Saskatchewan and doesn’t want to get distracted by what’s happening in Ontario.

“I represent the people of Saskatchewan and I will represent them based on our track record and in regards to our credibility and what we have done,” said McCallum. “All those things we have done qualifies us to be able to have that strong voice with the federal government to not be side tracked by other things.”

The MN-S President hopes the federal government will look at Metis self-government as they look at all the provinces in Canada.

“(The federal government) doesn’t generalize or bring a one shoe fits all approach to the provinces and it’s no difference for the Metis Nation.”

McCallum also spoke on the what he described as strong relationship between the Metis and First Nations in Saskatchewan.

“I will leave it to Ontario and other provinces to deal with their issues, I have issues to deal with here and we have done a great job.”