Kitsaki Management is talking about the positive effect it is having economically.

The company which is owned by the Lac La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB) recently put out its first ever impact report. The report talks about a range of contributions the company has made to LLRIB communities along with the growth it has seen over the years. The report as well touches on the company’s footprint, showing where managed companies are operating and in what industries.

Kitsaki Management CEO Ron Hyggen told MBC Radio News one of the reasons they wanted to put out the report was to show the positive impact Kitsaki has had for the entire province overall as well.

“We felt it was time I guess to show what impacts one First Nation can have on the province and if more do the same, or some obviously are doing the same, but more continue on that same path it’s going to make (a) difference for all of us in the province,” he said.

Among the reports highlights for Hyggen was that Kitsaki now is involved in the management of 11 different companies which employ over 1,300 people. The company as well is also nearing in on having $200 million worth of assets under management. The number of employees was something which Hyggen said the company is especially proud of.

“We’ve now reached over 1,300 employees, which is over double what we had during the pandemic period of our history,” he said.

The company’s success and growth is something which Hyggen believes will be positive for band members not only in the present but heading in to the future, as creating employment for band members is a major goal for Kitsaki.

“It’s going to provide long term employment, continuous economic impact to our band and our people and our nation moving forward, not just this generation, but all generations that follow,” he said.

Heading in to the future Hyggen said they will be looking at expansion while continuing to grow. The company is also looking at diversifying into new operations.

Looking back, Hyggen said Kitsaki has grown lots since it was established in 1981 by then chief Myles Venne to handle economic development on behalf of LLRIB.

“That time we were operating one company, now we’re 11,” he said.

(Top Photo: Courtesy Kitsaki Limited Partnership.)