Every person accused of the murder of Megan Gallagher will see their matter head to trial.

Two preliminary hearings were scheduled in the coming weeks for Summer Sky-Henry and Cheyann Peeteetuce, both of whom are charged with first-degree murder. Sky-Henry’s hearing was scheduled to begin Monday morning.

However, last week, Crown prosecutors filed a direct indictment against both individuals skipping the preliminary hearings, sending each case straight to trial.

Gallagher, a Metis woman from Saskatoon, was killed in 2020 – her body would be found in the South Saskatchewan River near St. Louis two years later. A total of 9 people were charged in relation to her death.

Earlier this year, Jessica Badger, Ernest Whitehead and John Sanderson were sentenced after pleading guilty to indignity to human remains.

Robin Tyler John was charged with unlawful confinement, but saw his charges stayed in September. This means they will be dropped if no new evidence is found within a year.

Thomas Richard Sutherland, who was initially charged with aggravated assault saw this charge upgraded to manslaughter.

Sky-Henry and Peeteetuce were among the four charged with the first-degree murder of Megan Gallagher. Roderick Sutherland and Robert James Thomas are also charged with murder and saw their manners deemed fit for trial in recent weeks as well.

The trials will be scheduled in the coming weeks.