The Indian Residential School Department along with Health Services of Lac la Ronge Indian Band are hosting a Community Cultural Gathering.

The goal of the gathering is to bring residential school survivors, elders, and families together to strengthen the community.

A list of activities will be taking place including Cree language enrichment, hide making, birch bark art and much more.

“They’ll be teaching people how to fillet fish, how to make smoked fish, meat preparation so they’ll be teaching people how to prepare wild meat and make dried meat,” Chief Tammy Cook-Searson explained.

Along with traditional food and activities, elders and other community members will be sharing many valuable Indigenous stories and legends throughout the three days.

“I was really blessed to grow up on a trap line and having my grandparents being storytellers and both my parents being storytellers. So, I’ve had the blessing to grow up that way and feel the stories,” said Cook-Searson.

Indigenous stories and legends have been passed down for generations and Cook-Searson hopes the community will embrace the stories and keep traditions alive.

The Community Cultural Gathering will take place at Bells Point Beach and will start tomorrow through Thursday.