The Scattered Site Outreach Program which is operated by the Kikinahk Friendship Centre opened its homeless shelter this month. The shelter provides food, showers, washrooms, cots and a warm place for men and women over 18 in the La Ronge area. 

“Last year we had 202 clients that used the shelter and some of them used it for 40 or 50 days. I think 47 days was the longest in one stretch, but we were really busy and we’re expecting it again this year,” said Ron Woytowich, Executive Director of the Kikinahk Friendship Center. 

The homeless shelter runs 24 hours a day and has enough room for 20-24 individuals to stay overnight. The shelter will be open from now up until March or possibly April depending on funding. 

“We do accept volunteers especially if somebody is a really good cook and knows how to make stuff from scratch, because we’re finding this year and last year food prices have just gone nuts,” Woytowich explained. 

With food prices increasing and lower numbers of staff, funding is becoming an issue for the homeless shelter. Woytowich expressed concerns about the new long-term care centre which will be opening in La Ronge; he hopes it won’t cause him to lose staff or make it even harder to find staff. 

As the fall season is starting to end the shelter is currently asking for donations, specifically for winter clothing. They are looking for donations of items such as winter jackets, winter hats, mittens and gloves, socks, scarves, and any other winter clothing items. 

If you are interested in donating to the homeless shelter, you can drop off items directly to the shelter or you can also drop items off at the Kikinahk Friendship Centre. If you are interested in volunteering at the shelter, you can also stop by either location or phone Kikinahk.

(File photo of Scattered Site Homeless Shelter)