The Red Pheasant Cree Nation is declaring a state emergency, regarding drugs and overdoses plaquing that community. The state of emergency was declared Saturday morning after the First Nation says seven people overdosed on drugs in one day.

“We must do something, and this is our first step; our leadership is taking urgent measures to address the drug problem in the community. We have issued a warning to evict the residents of houses where drug activity is suspected; we will disconnect utilities and board up the doors and windows. The drug problem in our community is a serious and complex issue that requires a coordinated and effective response from various stakeholders. We urge the RCMP to step up and help us address this challenge by increasing their presence, resources, and collaboration.” said Chief Lux Benson.

Leadership says most of the overdoses can be attributed to addictions and mental health issues and are calling for government assistance. A press release says increased violence in the community has people fearing retaliation if they cooperate with the RCMP.