A former councillor with the Waheton Dakota First Nation is seeking election for fourth Vice-Chief of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN).

Curtis Standing is contesting two others, as the FSIN conducts Executive elections for two positions.

Transparency and accountability are the two main pillars of his platform. “Getting back to what they [FSIN] are. They are a lobby group and they’re there to assist First Nations,” he said. “FSIN was setup to advocate on behalf of Treaty and Inherent Rights. I think they are a little bit astray from that now.”

Standing is drawing on his experience as a councillor, having a better understanding of what First Nations leadership face in their communities. Some of those struggles, he said includes; quality housing, crystal meth and drug addictions, gang activity and homelessness.

“People want to see solutions, people want to see initiative and to hold our people accountable,” he explained.

Standing said he has management experience, having been a general manager at the Painted Hand and Northern Lights Casino’s, having been employed with the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority for 14 years. He said he also worked in Ottawa, forging relationships with various federal ministries.

Heather Bear and Craig McCallum are also running for the fourth Vice-Chief position. An election will also be held for second Vice-Chief. Voting Day is October 5 in Saskatoon.

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