Des Nedhe Developments, the economic arm of English River First Nation, has announced their plans to further enhance their water treatment facilities in the RM of Corman Park near Saskatoon.

The company hopes the new facilities will provide critical infrastructure for future housing developments around Saskatoon and add value to their wastewater treatment plant already in the area.

Des Nedhe signed a letter of intent with Arbutus Housing on Tuesday to jointly develop the multi-million dollar facilities.

The water facilities will be located just south of Saskatoon at Grasswood junction on land owned by English River First Nation.

“English River purchased this land for economic development. We are proudly building infrastructure to create revenue that will serve English River now, and for generations to come, setting us on the path to self-determination,” said Sean Willy, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Des Nedhe Group.

“If you look at the south side of Saskatoon they are devoid of those types of services,” Willy added in a conversation with MBC Radio News. “We have that opportunity to development those services, we’ve shown we can do it and we have probably the most high tech facility of its kind in the province.”

Company officials say a construction timeline will be developed in the coming months.

(Photo provided by Des Nedhe Developments)