A Treaty No. 4 Medal is on its way home, after a member of the Pasqua First Nation bought it at auction last month.

The Canadian Numismatic Company said it was contacted by a family in the United Kingdom, who were clearing out a deceased relative’s home. At first, the family approached a local auction house who did not know much about the medal, before contacting his firm, said Eric Paquete, Vice President of the Canadian Numismatic Company.

Paquete would have the medal couriered to him, where it was authenticated by several experts.

“Its really a coincidence that this client of ours is a member of this First Nation and that this medal came up in one of our sales. Its not as if we sought him out, he was there. He basically sat down with their (Pasqua First Nation) committee and decided this was the medal they needed,” explained Paquete.

He described the medal’s condition as seven out of ten, above average. The medal sold for $113,500, making it a record bid for a Treaty medallion.

These items are considered the rarest to collectors as it is not known many still exist.

“For what it entertains and its historical value and the limited numbers, its extremely rare,” said Paquete. He notes the medals do not have serial numbers, it is unknown how many of them were presented at the signing ceremony and how many survived.

A Treaty No. 6 medal sold at auction a few years ago for approximately $40,000.

(Photo of a replica Treaty No. 4 Medal, courtesy of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.)