A television show focused on stories from northern Saskatchewan was recently renewed for a second season.

“Stories of the North” is played on CityTV in Saskatchewan and tells the story of a Moshom telling his granddaughters stories of northern Saskatchewan while teaching the Cree language.

Show-runners say the first season was received well and they are currently in production for the second season.

Producer Lee Crowchild says the second season of the show will aim to expand upon the first.

“I think that the second season has really opened up from what the first season was,” said Crowchild. “We are now not just teaching them words and to repeat, we are actually teaching them the concept of the word and how it fits into a Cree lifestyle… and that’s a big step forward.”

Producer Harmony Johnson says she grew up watching classic Canadian children’s shows, but could not match her cultural history.

“I want today’s children to feel like they are a part of a bigger story. It’s important that they see themselves and their relatives in mainstream media. It’s important that they can be proud of their language, culture, and family history,” said Johnson.

Show-runners say the second season is currently being filmed in a tight 5 day schedule.

The second season of “Stories of the North” is expected to premiere on CityTV in early 2024.

(PHOTO – producer Lee Crowchild answers questions from reporters on the season two set of Stories of the North. Photo by Joel Willick.)