A staffing shortage is disrupting some services at the La Ronge Health Centre.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority, (SHA) said outpatient laboratory and x-ray services will be disrupted on Friday’s, beginning tomorrow.

“The current service disruption is due to a temporary shortage of three Combined Laboratory X-Ray Technologist (CLXT) positions. The health centre will resume Friday outpatient laboratory/imaging services once one of the vacant positions has been filled,” said the SHA in a statement. “Saskatchewan and many other health jurisdictions in Canada are currently facing a shortage of these positions. CLXT’s are necessary for the delivery of a number of outpatient services so a temporary shortage will affect delivery of those services.”

However, patients requiring urgent x-rays or lab work on Friday’s should go to the emergency room. All other routine bloodwork and x-rays can be performed Monday to Thursday.

“The current situation does not affect Emergency Department or Inpatient bloodwork/X-ray requests,” explained the SHA.

The Health Authority said it does not anticipate any further reduction of services at this time in La Ronge and that officials are actively recruiting to fill vacant positions.