The provincial government is renewing a three-year funding agreement with the Ile a la Crosse Friendship Centre Community Support program for youth.

The Community Support program works to provide youth with education and employment opportunities in the community and supports their continued engagement and success with their education or employment placement. 

It also provides structured, supervised activities based on youth interest and input for those awaiting placement, such as cooking classes, fishing trips, beading classes, medicine walks and mental health workshops.

“The Île-à-la-Crosse Friendship Centre provides youth in the community with a welcoming place to come together, share traditions and culture, and find new opportunities in the community,” Athabasca MLA Jim Lemaigre said “Investing in our youth is an investment in our future and in the strength of Saskatchewan families and communities.”

The support program provides cultural programming and activities to promote traditional cultural activities to approximately 80 youth in the community each year.

In addition, the Île-à-la-Crosse Friendship Centre offers access to the Aboriginal Head Start, Canada Prenatal Nutrition, Kids First North, Honouring Her Spark and the Reaching Home programs. The Centre also offers a community pantry, a lunch kitchen, and supportive, transitional housing within the community.